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Flexi Cable offers you the possibility of creating your own mobile rate. Being able to choose the minutes per month in calls and The amount of data you need, while keeping your current telephone number.

  • ONLY VOICE**Flexible with the options
    of data in “Flexi Rating"
  • 9,90 /month VAT inc.
  • Unlimited calls
    + 3 GbTraffic volume
  • 15,00 /month VAT inc.
  • Unlimited calls
    + 5 GbTraffic volume
  • 18,90 /month VAT inc.
  • Unlimited calls
    + 10 GbTraffic volume
  • 20,00 /month VAT inc.
  • Unlimited calls
    + 20 GbTraffic volume
  • 29,90 /month VAT inc.



Calls for 0

2.99/month VAT inc.

I want it!



Calls for 0

4.99/month VAT inc..

I want it!


1000 /0.99/month VAT inc.

Additional Bonus*
  • 500 Mb
  • 1000 Mb
  • 2,00
  • 3,00
International Bonus**
  • 100 Min
  • 300 Min
  • 600 Min
  • 5,00
  • 12,00
  • 21,00
I want it!


No Data 1 Gb(4G) 2 Gb(4G)
No Minutes 1,99€ 3,90€ 5,90€
100 Min 3,00€ 6,90€ 8,90€
200 Min 5,00€ 8,90€ 10,90€

“Flexi Rating include 1000 minutes between Flexi Numbers”

Conditions (For all numbers)

  • Every pricing has VAT price included
  • Compromise of 3 months minimum

* Conditions

  • Only for mobile lines with data already hired
  • No limit of bonus to contract monthly
  • Bonus non- renewable (at the end of the month, it will be suspended)

** Conditions

  • No limit of bonus to contract monthly
  • Bonus non-renewable
  • Minutes to land line and mobile phones to the pointed destinations: Germany, UK, Denmark, Finland, Greece, France, Ireland, Island, Norway, Sweden, US and Canada
  • Countries not included in the international bonus or minutes exceeded included in the bonus, will increase the cost of establishment and minute cost (check pricing list)

Discover all our offers mobile rate

Flexicable offers you the possibility of creating your own mobile rate, being able to choose the minutes per month in calls and internet megs you need, with the possibility of maintaining your current phone number. We also have a wide range of state-of-the-art terminals that you can finance without costs.

We have 3 types of mobile rate offers in our company. The first of them, offers you the opportunity to enjoy a mobile line with 100 minutes + 2GB for only 10 euros per month. If you do not want to depend on the spoken minutes, our company offers you another offer with unlimited calls + 3GB for 15 euros / month.

Surprising truth? Well, it does not end there. If you need your mobile line to call at all hours and also, enjoy high speed, we have a super offer. For only 20 euros per month, you can enjoy unlimited calls and 10 GB of data.

Our mobile rate offers do not require permanence

If you adhere to one of our great mobile rate offers, you will have the possibility of signing a contract without permanence. Many consumers are forced to stay longer in a company than they would like.

Our intention is that the client does not feel at any moment forced or forced to make decisions that he does not want. The client decides when he wants to end his services.

Start enjoying our mobile rate offers

If you want to enjoy the best speed on your phone, unlimited time, contract now one of our mobile rate offers. Any doubt, suggestion or information you need to start enjoying our services, Flexicable will happily provide it to you.

If you are tired of comparing offers or prices, get in touch with our company and discover all the advantages you can get.

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